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This ELF is not your buddy

This ELF is not your buddy

The volume of Linux malware is orders of magnitude less than for other operating systems, and as such, has fewer eyeballs researching it. Analysts don't want to spend thousands of hours building detection systems for threats that they will never see. However, for an enterprising hunter, this lack of prevalence can work in your favor --- if your enterprise only sees one or two ELF email attachments per year, you can afford to give each a quick eyeball.

June 27, 2024 by StrikeReady Labs6 minutes

Armageddon is more than a Grammy-nominated album

Armageddon is more than a Grammy-nominated album

Russian government hackers continue to leverage novel techniques for defeating automated analysis systems. In this blog, we examine a simple html trick for waiting for a user to jiggle the mouse before executing the malicious javascript.

June 24, 2024 by StrikeReady Labs5 minutes

Protecting against Dangling DNS hijacking is more than good hygiene


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